Collaborative and decentralized matching protocol for Blockchain IT Talents.

About GoodHive

Blockchains allow us to redesign organisations allowing an innovative and fairer distribution of value across stakeholders. Think of Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAO) as the opportunity to share the value and the governance of this project with its community.

GoodHive is co-creating the Future of Work: more collaborative, more transparent and fairer than ever.

We are developing a community of IT Talents, focused on matching most innovative IT projects with best IT Talents backed by the community.

How it works

Why GoodHive?

Blockchain’s projects are changing the world for the better, but most of them are struggling to recruit capable talents. The recruitment industry needs to be disrupted to improve mission-talent matching efficiency and incentivize a community driven collaboration to deliver excellence and commitment.

Collaborative matching protocol for IT Talents.

We are co-creating the Future of Work, based on a collaborative matching Protocol for IT Talents. Our Tokenomics are designed to foster excellence, commitment and collaborative behaviors within the community. Besides, we’re enabling talents to have an impact on the world and raise a community-driven higher purpose.

Our vision

We are building an Application Specific Blockchain Network for blockchain developers. Our first use case enables clients to employ talents backed by the community, letting them enjoy innovative incentives for excellence and commitment. Talents work in a secured income environment, get rewarded for their excellence and commitment, and enjoy additional stream of revenues for sourcing or mentoring their peers.


On July 22, 2022, we organized the Web3JobFair during ETHccWeek. This event will allow recruiters and Blockchain technology talents to meet and collaborate on exciting projects.